Avant Money – Fixed Rates

(effective from 13th May 2022)


Fixed Term Rates (effective from 13th May 2022)
Fixed term range60% LTV70% LTV80% LTV90% LTV
3 years1.95%2.03%2.05%2.06%2.15%2.23%2.20%2.25%
4 years1.95%2.02%2.05%2.06%2.15%2.23%2.15%2.23%
5 years2.15%2.11%2.25%2.16%2.35%2.32%2.40%2.34%
7 years2.25%2.19%2.35%2.26%2.45%2.40%2.55%2.46%
10 years2.40%2.36%2.50%2.43%2.60%2.56%2.70%2.64%


One Mortgage (effective from 13th May 2022)
Mortgage term60% LTV70% LTV80% LTV90% LTV
Up to 15 years2.40%2.46%2.55%2.61%2.65%2.71%2.85%2.92%
Up to 20 years2.50%2.55%2.65%2.71%2.75%2.81%2.95%3.01%
Up to 25 years2.50%2.55%2.65%2.70%2.75%2.80%2.95%3.01%
Up to 30 years2.50%2.54%2.65%2.70%2.75%2.80%2.95%3.01%

Rates are effective from 13th May 2022 and are subject to change.
**The Loan-to-Value ratio is the amount you want to borrow as a percentage of the value of your home.
***APRC is the Annual Percentage Rate of Charge. This rate allows you to easily compare mortgages from different lenders. It considers all the costs involved over the term of the mortgage such as set-up charges and the interest rate. The lower the APRC, the lower your monthly repayments and cost over the full term of your mortgage. APRC figures are based on a €100,000 loan over a 20-year term and assume a valuation fee of €185 and security release fee of €40.
****Illustrative monthly cost per €1,000 borrowed on 20-year mortgage term.