Who is eligible?

This service is for anyone who:

  • an individual who purchases or self-builds a home or apartment for the first time
  • is a first time buyer of a home who purchases or self-builds on or after the 1st of January 2017
  • is a first time buyer of a home or apartment who purchases or self-builds the property as their home.

Eligibility to apply for the Help to Buy incentive is based on the following:

  • you must be a first time buyer of a home
  • the cost of the home must be less than €500,000
  • the property is to be used as your home
  • the loan to value ratio of mortgage on the property is 70% or greater
  • if purchasing, you are purchasing from a qualifying contractor

Claiming as a group?

A group is made up of two or more people who are purchasing or self-building a home. A group can include a married couple. Before applying group members should:

  1. ensure they have the names and PPS Numbers of each member of the group
  2. consent that their names and PPS Numbers will be visible to all group members
  3. confirm that all members of the group are first time buyers
  4. consent that any member of the group can allocate the tax available for each member

What happens next

Help to buy is a four step process. The steps are as follows:

  1. Apply as an individual or a group
  2. Make a claim
  3. Verification of the claim
  4. Refund

If you are thinking of applying for a mortgage and would like to find discuss it with a mortgage expert, speak to a member of the Irish Mortgage Corporation team who can advise you on your options.