On 9th December Irish Mortgage Corporation’s Liam O’Connor and Joe Flanagan briefed staff at Takeda on the latest developments in the Irish Mortgage Market – a great watch for anyone looking to buy or remortgage.

Liam O’Connor, Sales Director at Irish Mortgage Corporation refers to the entry of Avant Money into the Irish market: he summarised the offer: “As an appointed broker we can offer Fixed Rate Mortgages from Avant Money starting at 1.95%. Follow On Variable Rates start at 2.5%.

The offers are open to first time buyers, switchers and movers – Mortgages will be available to all customers, subject to the normal Central Bank of Ireland lending rules on loan-to-value and loan-to-income. “

Chris Paul, CEO of Avant Money said; “We are delighted to arrive as a new provider in the Irish mortgage market. We are confident that our products and rates will be appealing to Irish customers who have been under-served for far too long when it comes to their mortgages. Unlike other providers, we have shunned short-term gimmicks such as cashback offers in favour of products and rates geared towards providing true, quantifiable savings over the life of a typical mortgage. Supported by our parent, Bankinter, and building on our strong consumer finance heritage, we are looking forward to bringing better value to customers”.

Liam added: “The best thing for anyone interested in this offer would be to get in touch with us through our usual channels – apply online, or have a chat – our advisors are fully up-to-speed on this great initiative that is sure to add to the competition and breadth of products available.

In real terms, just taking one example, the savings are substantial: In Cork, take a 4-bed apartment priced at €201,875. Over the course of 30 years, with the most expensive lender, a buyer will pay back €124,142 in interest. Though if buyers now choose Avantcard Money as their lender, they will only pay back €73,037 in interest. Over 30 years, that is a huge saving of €51,105. 

You can look at your own situation – click to download the full comparison that shows the savings possible with AvantMoney EVEN against the next best offer: https://www.irishmortgage.com/avant-money-new-lender-overall-data/

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