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Our Financial Planning Division: MoneyCoach.

To support our comprehensive mortgage service the financial planning division of Irish Mortgage Corporation will advise on all the life protection options available to you to secure your mortgage. When evaluating your options, particular attention is made to value and ensuring that your financial objectives are met.
MoneyCoach also offer the following services to our clients: –

  • Family protection
  • Asset protection – Inheritance planning
  • Savings & investments
  • Retirement planning
  • Business protection
  • Overall financial review

MoneyCoach are dedicated to providing one-to-one financial advice at a place and time of your convenience, your workplace, your home or at our offices. The initial meeting focuses on gathering as much information as possible about your financial objectives and current financial position. They then make recommendations highlighting specific financial needs which you may have overlooked and provide a plan as to how your financial objectives can be realised.

Their team of advisers has over 100 years collective experience in dealing with the financial needs and objectives of our clients. Their goal is to ensure that your financial objectives can be achieved through a financial plan which can be easily understood and implemented within a timeframe that suits you.

When considering their client’s financial needs and goals, they evaluate solutions from all the leading providers, ensuring that our recommendations meet your overall financial objectives in the most cost efficient manner possible.

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