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You could save thousands simply by switching lenders.

Talk to our mortgage experts or use our mortgage calculator to see exactly how much you could save every month, year, and over the lifetime of your mortgage. Many lenders are offering cash incentives to switchers, so you can even get paid for going to the trouble of switching. These are some of the key factors to discuss:

– Current mortgage balance, rate and term remaining
– The value of your home
– The impact of consolidating any other loans
– Priorities: reducing monthly outgoings or shortening the remaining term
– Working through the different options and offers available

Save up to €75,712 over the lifetime of your mortgage


Mortgage AmountMonthly Repayments – Lowest Rate (1)Monthly Repayments – Highest Rate (2)


  1. Lowest rate 2.95% (3.0% APR) from Haven Mortgages (AIB Group)
  2. Highest rate 4.2% (4.3% APR) from Bank of Ireland

*Total savings based on €300,000 mortgage over a 30-year term.  Savings based on providers available to us as of December 2017.  Subject to underwriting criteria and qualification.  Other rates and terms available on request.  Examples provided for illustrative purposes only.  Rates quoted accurate as of 01/12/2017.

Warning: The cost of your mortgage repayments may increase.  If you do not keep up your repayments you may lose your home.

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1850 444 474 or 01 669 1000.

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