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Client Testimonials

“The service I received from Irish Mortgage Corporation was exceptional – they were professional throughout, extremely knowledgeable and easily contactable. I have recommended them to several friends without any hesitation. “

~ Susan Tinsley, March 2019

“Excellent customer service, very helpful, supportive and trustworthy people. I really appreciate their work.”

~ Sharma Sahil, March 2019

“I couldn’t have gotten my home without all their amazing help. So professional and extremely helpful. Thanks so much!”

~ Grainne Murphy, March 2019

“All staff very organized, helpful”

~ Neda Valteryte – Kundrotiene , September 2018

“This was beyond any expectations we had. Our research brought us to one bank for one rate however our advisor took us through all options and found a better rate with another bank while also getting past a probationary period in my contract. Amazing success, can’t recommend them enough.”

~ Robbie Dillon , September 2018

“I had the pleasure of dealing with two advisors a complicated mortgage application. Their commitment to getting the deal over the line was second to none. They were available at all times to discuss the options and worked tirelessly on our behalf. I could not recommend them highly enough.”

~ Simon Stokes, April 2018

“We had been told by a previous broker that we would not get a mortgage for at least 6 months and then we came across the Irish mortgage corporation who got us 2 offers. When our broker left the company I was so worried that we would be left in a similar situation to the previous broker we used but the next broker we got front imc was just as good. A big thanks to for the support and help!!”

~ Aisling Vokes, April 2018


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